May 1, 2024

University of Alberta PhD Student Yingxin Zhao Awarded Aviagen/CPRC Poultry Science Scholarship

Aviagen and the CPRC are dedicated to academic excellence, leading to the sustainability of the poultry industry

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® is proud to introduce University of Alberta graduate student Yingxin Zhao as the 2023 recipient of the Poultry Science Scholarship. Part of Aviagen’s yearly contribution to the work of the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC), the award underscores Aviagen's commitment to advancing research and nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. As a longstanding supporter of the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC), Aviagen continues to invest in initiatives that promote a sustainable future for the poultry sector.

Research to advance animal health, food safety and security

Yingxin Zhao brings a wealth of expertise to her doctoral studies in Animal Science at the University of Alberta, backed by a Master of Science degree in “Agricultural Product Processing and Storage Engineering” and a Bachelor of Science in “Food Quality and Safety.” Her academic journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to enhancing the quality and safety of food production processes.

The panel of Aviagen specialists who selected her were impressed by the quality of Zhao’s proposed doctoral research and its potential to improve animal welfare.

Champion of the industry

Zhao is currently collaborating with a prominent poultry processing company in Alberta to improve poultry health and meat quality, while maintaining an outstanding academic record and consistently demonstrating excellence in graduate-level research.

Zhao remarked, “This scholarship not only supports my academic pursuits, but also affirms the value of my research in the broiler meat industry. I am now more motivated than ever to make meaningful contributions to both my field of study and the poultry industry. Thank you to Aviagen and the CPRC for the scholarship award!”

“Yingxin embodies the future of the Canadian poultry industry, and Aviagen is proud to support her journey. Her dedication, passion, and outstanding research abilities underscore her potential to drive transformative change in our industry. On behalf of Aviagen, I extend my congratulations to Yingxin and wish her success in her promising career in poultry,’’ expressed Matt Klassen, Canadian Account Manager for Aviagen.

“The CPRC is privileged to have Aviagen as its long-lasting sponsor. CPRC and Aviagen have been collaborating and investing in the next generation of poultry scientists in Canada for the last 12 years,’’ added CPRC Executive Director Caroline Wilson. “The CPRC looks forward to many more years of successful collaboration with Aviagen.”