Feb 21, 2023

University of Alberta PhD Student Jo Ann Chew Honored with Aviagen Poultry Genetics Scholarship

Scholarship reflects Aviagen/CPRC shared commitment to future industry talent

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Congratulations to University of Alberta graduate student Jo Ann Chew, the 2022 Aviagen® Poultry Genetics Scholarship winner. The scholarship is part of Aviagen’s yearly contribution to the work of the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC), of which Aviagen is a long-time supporter.

Research to enhance the future of poultry breeding

A panel of Aviagen specialists selected Chew based on her potential for future industry leadership, as well as the quality of her doctoral research and its potential to benefit the poultry breeding industry. While her Master’s thesis centered on poultry welfare and behavior, her PhD thesis focuses on nutrition and physiology. Her research addresses the impact of feed and nutrition on the reproductive development of young female chickens (pullets), and the scholarship will help her further this work.

Chew remarked, “I am excited about the potential my research will have on the poultry industry. The results will help us better understand the underlying mechanisms that contribute to sexual maturation in pullets. This will open more avenues for laying-hen research and allow us to make scientifically informed decisions that benefit the poultry industry. My sincerest gratitude to Aviagen and the CPRC for the scholarship award!”

Commitment to our next generation

Chew earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Science in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan. While working toward these degrees, she served as a teaching assistant. After achieving her Master’s, she worked as Manager of the University of Saskatchewan Poultry Research Unit.  She currently serves on the university’s Animal Care Committee and faculty's Graduate Students’ Association and is part of the international Poultry Science Association Board of Directors, all while maintaining a high grade-point average in her PhD coursework.

“Aviagen is dedicated to the Canadian poultry industry, and its sustainability depends on bright young scientists such as Jo Ann. Because of her dedication, passion and excellence in research, I have no doubt she will make invaluable contributions to the industry and our future. On behalf of Aviagen, I congratulate Jo Ann and wish her every success for a fulfilling career in poultry,” remarked Matt Klassen, Canadian Account Manager for Aviagen.

“The CPRC and Aviagen share a desire to strengthen the Canadian poultry industry and secure its future through an investment in research and the development of our future generation,” added CPRC Executive Director Bruce Roberts. “I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration between the CPRC and Aviagen.