Aug 31, 2023

Rising Aviagen Stars Shine at Tennessee Poultry Association’s Annual Awards

TPA’s “NextGen Young Leaders Under 30” award is intended to encourage up-and-coming poultry professionals

Andy Todd, Kasey Guthrie and Sara Reichelt at Tennessee Poultry Awards

L-R: Andy Todd, TPA Secretary & Treasurer; Kasey Guthrie and Sara Reichelt

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Tennessee Poultry Association (TPA) marked its annual meeting on Aug. 18 by once again recognizing exceptional young talent through the “NextGen Young Leaders Under 30” awards. Among this year's winners were Kasey Guthrie, Veterinary Services Compliance Manager for Aviagen®, and Hayden Smith, Aviagen’s Hatchery Incubationist. These accolades are designed to support and engage emerging professionals employed by TPA member poultry companies involved directly in poultry production or processing.

Guthrie reports to Sara Reichelt, Director of Animal Welfare, who commented, “Kasey is an advocate for the best care of our birds and our people at Aviagen. She also exemplifies Aviagen’s core value of continuous improvement and exemplifies this value in all she does in her actions with both Aviagen and industry colleagues.”

Hayden Smith, Andy Todd and Victoria Collett at Tennessee Poultry Awards

L-R: Hayden Smith, Andy Todd and Victoria Collett

Smith’s manager Victoria Collett, Aviagen’s Pedigree Hatchery Manager, added, “Hayden stands out as an invaluable asset to our hatchery team. His recent focus on refining incubation profiles to produce the highest caliber of chicks for our customers showcases his dedication to continuous quality improvement. Hayden is always up for any challenges that arise. He is a great team player and it is a delight to work with him.”

Jeremy Martin, Aviagen North America’s Regional Business Manager and current TPA President, emphasized the commitment of this year's TPA award recipients to Aviagen's core values, stating, "We congratulate Kasey and Hayden and are very proud of their achievements. To breed the best, we need the best, and that's why we are dedicated to fostering the growth of the industry's top talent. Their contributions are vital to our company's success and the future of the poultry sector in North America and beyond."