Apr 17, 2024

Aviagen North America Expands Production Management School Portfolio

NA Production Management School Hatchery Group Photo

Newly added modules will offer customers greater flexibility and opportunity for knowledge exchange

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® North America is enhancing its service to customers by introducing multiple shorter course modules alongside its existing month-long Production Management School. Offered throughout the year, these modules will focus on specific management topics addressed in the month-long school.

New modules address customer and industry needs

The new focused modules will explore crucial topics such as hatchery, breeder and broiler management, and others tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Examples are veterinary care, nutrition, ventilation and more.

Consisting of the most relevant and up-to-date information, course content is designed to elevate the skills of today’s production managers, ultimately leading to the production of birds with optimal performance, health and welfare. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training, each module offers a comprehensive learning experience that empowers participants to excel in their roles at their home operations.

Successful module

Aviagen, in collaboration with Jamesway Incubator, manufacturer of hatchery equipment, recently hosted the hatchery workshop module on April 8-11 at its Development and Training Center in Albertville, Ala. This invitation-only event was attended by Aviagen’s North American customers. Led by experts from Aviagen’s Global Incubation team and Jamesway, the sessions aimed to equip students with the know-how needed to effectively manage their hatchery operations, optimizing chick numbers and quality.

“Attendees to this North American hatchery workshop module experienced the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insight into embryo development and hatchery performance improvement,” explained Eddy van Lierde, Global Head of Incubation Services. “Aviagen is committed to ensuring our customers’ success, providing them with the latest tools to achieve continuous improvement in their hatchery and all aspects of their business.”

Taylor Davis, Digital Marketing and Events Specialist, manages both the month-long Production Management School, as well as the shorter topic modules. “We are pleased with the turnout of the hatchery module in North America, and look forward to welcoming customers to future modules.”

“We were honored to collaborate with Aviagen on this well attended hatchery workshop module. It’s always a pleasure to share our knowledge with hatchery managers and improve hatchery operations. We look forward to being involved in future modules!” commented Keith Bramwell, PhD, Director of Hatchery Consultancy for Jamesway.