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  • Efficiency Pro x Ross 308 AP Parent Stock Performance Objectives

    This booklet contains the performance objectives for the Efficiency Pro x Ross 308 AP Parent Stock and should be used in conjunction with the Ross Parent Stock Management Guide. Read more

  • Ross Best Practice on the Farm: Alternative Water Disinfection Methods during Production

    Sanitizers can protect water supplies from being vectors for disease challenges like cholera, E. coli, staphylococcus, and Salmonella. While chlorine is widely used because it is effective, easy to monitor, inexpensive, easy to use and widely available, it is not always the … Read more

  • Hatchery Monitoring Tool

    An Excel spreadsheet tool helps data collection and visualization for candling, hatch debris, and egg & chick weights. It is helpful for hatchery management to ensure good hatchability and chick quality. Includes English, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Turki… Read more

  • Ross Tech Note: The Importance of Nutrition on Egg Shell Quality in Broiler Breeders

    Poor hatchability represents a substantial loss in income and profitability to a broiler breeder operation. Poor egg shell quality and contaminated eggs are often the main contributing factors. Therefore, it is important to understand factors that affect egg shell quality an… Read more

  • Brooding Equipment Checklist

    Correct brooding conditions are important for getting chicks off to a good start. You can accurately assess the conditions into which the chicks are being placed by having the correct equipment at your disposal. Read more

  • Ross Broiler Management Pocket Guide

    This Pocket Guide was produced to complement the Ross Broiler Management Handbook. It should be used as a quick and practical reference for broiler stock management. Read more

  • Ross Note: Bacterin Usage

    A good vaccination program, along with proper flock management and biosecurity, plays a key role in the health and productivity of broiler breeders. The use of bacterins has been shown to lessen the effects of certain diseases by giving the bird resistance to harmful pathoge… Read more

  • Ross Note: Mycoplasmosis Prevention and Control

    Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) are bacteria that infect chickens and other birds, causing mild to severe clinical disease. These pathogenic organisms continue to evolve and cause economic losses for poultry producers in many regions of the world. Read more

  • Video Series: Managing Flock Uniformity (2016)

    The Aviagen Managing Flock Uniformity Video is an umbrella video introducing the importance of parent stock uniformity for future flock performance. It is the first in a series of tutorial videos covering different aspects of parent stock management. Read more

  • Video Series: Finding the Correct Incubation Humidity (2011)

    Dr. Nick French, Aviagen’s Incubation Specialist, gives information on incubator humidity and the proper techniques for measuring moisture loss in eggs. Read more

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