2 Apr 2024

Pivka broiler growers honored with Ross 420 Club membership

Pivka Broilers Recieve Ross 420 Club Membership

From left: Pivka Perutninarstvo d.d. Maja Tomsic and Jasna Perc receive award from Dejan Bosanac

Aviagen® Kft proudly acknowledges the remarkable achievements of its Ross® 308 customers, routinely recognizing their dedication, hard work and superior management skill. On March 8, Aviagen Kft, in collaboration with Slovenian customer Pivka, organized an event to welcome Pivka’s broiler growers into the prestigious Ross 420 Club. This exclusive club celebrates producers who achieve a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 420 or higher. Pivka Perutninarstvo d.d. stood out as the highest performer, achieving an impressive EPEF of 466.

Jasna Perc of Pivka Perutninarstvo d.d. said, “Despite facing challenging times, our farmers, along with veterinarians, nutritionists, and all who contribute to excellence in broiler production, continue to surpass expectations.”

Dejan Bosanac, Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen Kft, expressed, “It is truly gratifying to witness consistent improvements in our birds' health, welfare and efficiency, particularly with the collaborative efforts in farm management by Pivka, resulting in outstanding outcomes deserving of recognition.”

The event was attended by Pivka’s managing board, production managers, broiler growers, and Dejan Bosanac. Dejan took the opportunity to provide the latest insights on biosecurity, emphasizing its crucial role in safeguarding the food chain and ensuring food security for communities served by Aviagen Kft customers.

Please join us in congratulating our newest members of the Slovenian Ross 420 Club:

Broiler Producer EPEF
Pivka Perutninarstvo d.d. 466
Plut Karl, obj.4 448
Plut Karl, obj.2 432
Plut Karl, obj.4 446
Plut Karl, obj.5 442
Plut Karl, obj.1 421
Plut Karl, obj.4 446
Plut Karl, obj.1 445
Plut Karl, obj.3 443
Fabčič Ivan 428
Tratar Miran 430
AGRIPER d.o.o, obj.1 454
Fabčič Ivan 420
Plut Karl, obj.4 453
Tratar Miran 421