7 May 2024

Aviagen Rustic Gold Receives RSPCA Approval

Rustic Gold joins other slower-growing breed options in qualifying for the European Chicken Commitment

Aviagen Rustic Gold btoiler pair

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® is proud to announce that its Rustic Gold™ bird has been accepted for use under the highly respected RSPCA Assured animal welfare scheme. The Rustic Gold is the latest addition to Aviagen’s Rowan Range® of slower-growing and colored breed options to be awarded the accreditation, alongside the previously approved Ranger Gold® and Ranger Classic®.

With a mix of brown and white plumage, the slower-growing Rustic Gold brings a balance of outstanding welfare and performance, combined with strong feed efficiency.

To be accepted under the widely recognized RSPCA Assured standard, chicken breeds are evaluated by an independent organization. Various welfare outcomes are assessed to ensure breeds demonstrate the highest welfare outcomes.

Breeding for Welfare and Sustainability

Aviagen European Director of Research and Development, Dr Brendan Duggan explains: “Both our conventional and slower-growing breeds are selected for health, welfare and sustainability characteristics as part of our balanced breeding approach.”

“Aviagen continues to work closely with the RSPCA and other organizations across Europe as we continue to enhance welfare across our entire choice of breeds.”

Importance to UK and European Market

RSPCA approval has great significance, not only for the UK, but also for the wider European market. With RSPCA accreditation, the Rustic Gold joins the Ranger Gold and Ranger Classic in qualifying for the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) as a result of the outstanding welfare of the breed.

Breeding Choice

Aviagen offers a diverse range of breeds to give customers choice in the markets in which they serve.

Aviagen European President Patrick Claeys comments: “We are delighted that the Rustic Gold is being recognized within the RSPCA Assured standard.”