19 Apr 2024

Aviagen Kft Honors Farmers in Hungary with Ross 150 Club Membership

Collage graphic of Aviagen KFT Ross 150 Club members

Aviagen® Kft customers have once again demonstrated their commitment to excellence in poultry farming, earning outstanding results with their Ross® breeder flocks. On March 6, the Aviagen Kft team organized a special event in Budapest to extend well-deserved recognition to these exemplary farmers and welcome them to the exclusive Ross 150 Club. This club acknowledges teams who have reached breeder performance of 150 or more chicks per hen housed, a remarkable feat showcasing exceptional husbandry practices and operational efficiency.

Among those present to congratulate Club inductees were Balázs Takács, Aviagen Kft General Manager; Krisztina Németh, Sales Manager; Dejan Bosanac, Regional Technical Manager; Barbara Bóka, Marketing Assistant; and Dr. Zoltán Marton, Senior Poultry Specialist Veterinarian.

The honored companies include Gallus Kft., Bábolna Brojler Kft., Nagisz Zrt., Bro-Ker-Bét Kft., and Szelei Kft., with Farm Akolszállás from Gallus achieving the highest performance of 159.24 chicks per hen housed (chicks/hh).

A testament to the collaborative spirit shared between Aviagen and its valued customers, the event also served as a platform to exchange knowledge and insights. Dr. Zoltán Marton engaged attendees in discussions about the latest advancements in Avian Influenza vaccination, underscoring Aviagen's commitment to supporting its customers with the latest information and best practices.

Balázs reflected on these remarkable accomplishments from the past three years in the face of many challenges: “We are proud of these results, which have given our producers a high egg and chick output despite the energy crisis and rise in feed prices. We’re confident that, after overcoming these difficulties, we can look forward to continued success in the year ahead – a time of progress and growth for all our customers.”

Please join us in congratulating our latest members of the Hungarian Ross 150 Club:

Ch/HH 60 wks
Gallus Kft. 2022 157.58 Pápa-Kéttornyúlak
  2022 153.51 Borsodpuszta
  2022 156.11 Oroszi
  2022 157.81 Farád
  2022 157.76 Akolszállás
  2022 152.37 Bakonypölöske 1.
Gallus Kft. 2023 150.66 Pápa-Kéttornyúlak
  2023 159.24 Akolszállás
  2023 156.85 Farád
  2023 154.04 Bakonyszombathely 2.
Bábolna Brojler Kft. 2021  155.56  Nyeszkenye
  2021  151.85  Tárkány - Ölbő II.
  2021  157.87  Tárkány - Ölbő I.
Bábolna Brojler Kft. 2022  156.08  Tárkány - Ölbő I.
Bábolna Brojler Kft. 2023  151.10  Nyeszkenye 7-12.istálló
  2023  154.18  Tárkány - Ölbő I.
Nagisz Zrt. 2022 154.4 Tetétlen
  2022 150.6 Hajdúszovát
  2022 155.1 Tetétlen
Szelei Kft. 2023 157.69 Alsómuszáj
Szelei Kft. 2022 154.48 Alsómuszáj
Bro-Ker-Bét Kft. 2022 152.68 Újhartyán
    159.06 Újhartyán
Bro-Ker-Bét Kft. 2023 150.62 Hernád