Rustic Gold

The Rustic Gold is an exciting new alternative in the Rowan Range family of slower-growing broiler breeders.

Rustic Gold is the choice for customers requiring a slower-growing bird with superior production characteristics and sector-leading feed efficiency, balanced with excellent levels of welfare and robustness.

Broiler Characteristics and Key Traits:
• Offspring of exclusively slower-growing parents
• Active, lively and robust bird
• Feather-sexable
• White plumage with shades of brown
• Growth rate of approximately 49-53 grams per day
• Outstanding feed efficiency
• Sector-leading meat yield and meat quality
• Exceptional welfare characteristics – superior liveability, leg and foot pad health

Accreditation Status
European Chicken Commitment | RSPCA Assured, UK | Dyrevelfaerd (3 Hearts), Denmark

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