Ranger Gold

The Ranger Gold is a combination of a brown-feathered Ranger female delivering excellent reproduction and the Gold male delivering exceptional performance for robustness as well as feed conversion and yield. 

Broiler Characteristics and Key Traits:
    • Feather-sexable
    • Multi-colored shades of brown and gold
    • Growth rate ca 43-47 g/day
    • Strong efficiency for FCR and yield
    • Robustness
    • Superior leg health
    • Dry litter and exceptional footpad quality
    • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, organic and free-range production

Accreditation Status
European Chicken Commitment | Better Life Label, The Netherlands | Tierschutzlabel “Für Mehr Tierschutz”, Germany | RSPCA Assured, UK | Bio-Unitalia, Italy | Bedre Dyrevelfaerd (3 Hearts), Denmark

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