Arbor Acres Distributors

The Arbor Acres distributor network spans the globe and is made up of some of the most dynamic and well-respected companies in the poultry industry.

Anyone interested in Arbor Acres stock can find an Aviagen supply base or an Arbor Acres distributor nearby and can be sure that they will receive the best-possible quality birds.


Aviagen EPI

Mr. Patrick Cos
+32 14 44 37 77

Countries Served:
Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

Aviagen Kft

Mr. Balazs Takacs
+36 96 516 000

Countries Served:
Commonwealth of Independent States & Eastern Europe

Aviagen LLC

Mr. Eduard Taktarov
+7 903 036 0039

Countries Served:
Azerbaijan, Russian

Aviagen S.A.U.

Mr. Sergio Illan
+34 9 3865 6595

Countries Served:
Andorra, Portugal, Spain

Aviagen SweChick AB

Mr. Hannu Tiuttu
+46 4222 5190

Countries Served:
Estonia, Finland

Mr. Thomas Carlson
+46 4222 5190

Countries Served:
Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Aviagen UK Limited

Mr. Blake Williamson
0131 333 1056